Law School Scholarship around the world

The study and practice of law is one of the most prestigious career paths to choose all over the world. It is not an easy path to take and it tests one intellectually, logically and calls for endurance due to the long hours spent poring over pages and pages of information.

Some hopefuls drop out of the race because they may not have what it takes intellectually to pursue a law degree, while others may have the tenacity and smarts to do it but their pockets fail them. However, not all hope is lost for those that cannot afford to pay their way through law school because there are lots of universities around the world that offer scholarships to students.

Who qualifies for a scholarship?

Not all scholarships are the same. Different schools have different criteria that they use to decide who they give a scholarship and what type of scholarship it will be. There are fully funded scholarships and partial scholarships. Fully funded scholarships usually cover most, if not all of what a student needs to complete their degree abroad. Partial scholarships, on the other hand, come in all shapes and forms. Some cover tuition only but not living expenses, some waive tuition, book costs, and living expenses but they do not cover the transport costs for the student to and from their country.

Some scholarships are for brilliant students who can’t afford to pay for school and this must be demonstrated through a consistent record of academic excellence. Judges on scholarship award committees will consider how well students performed academically prior to them wanting to join their school before they award a scholarship. For example, for the University of Manchester, the student must have a first class undergraduate degree in order to qualify.

There are scholarships that are awarded specifically to people from certain communities or parts of the world regardless of their academic prowess because it is believed that these students are disadvantaged and haven’t had the opportunity to reach their full potential because of their circumstances. These are mostly awarded to people from third world countries or marginalized communities.

Many law schools will not just consider previous academic records but also an essay. The essay gives the committee an insight on who the applicant is and their dedication and passion for pursuing their career. The essay also shows if the student will be able to keep up law essay writing during the course of their studies.

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A list of some law school scholarships all over the world

· FUNED Scholarships for Mexican Students in the US

· Menzies foundation scholarships for Australian citizens

· Amsterdam Law School Merit Scholarships

· Holland Scholarships at the University of Groningen for students outside the EU

There is so much more information you can find online outside there that can be of help to you, therefore, do your research and make an informed decision based on your needs

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