25 Political Economy Essay Topics For Great Writing

In most cases, the professor will provide you with an essay topic and requirement, but he or she may require that you come up with an essay topic related to the subject. You cannot choose any topic that comes into your mind. The professor is particularly interested in certain aspects of your essay, not just the topic, so you need to take your time before you choose a topic. Here we have scoured all over and have listed some of the greatest topics in political economy.

But first, Understand what is required of you

The first process of picking the right political economic essay is to understand the research question. What exactly does your professor needs? Can you find enough academic resources to support your thesis or your argument? These questions will allow you to understand the concept in the subject and to focus on the topic.

Understand the Value of research

When it comes to political economic essays, a thorough research will make all the difference in points earned. The political economy essay will mainly focus on the current issues, some of which may not be published yet or have not been on the academic research. In addition to this, changes in political economy occur almost on daily basis, and as a good writer, you need to be pinpoint the present problem to support your argument, and your thesis statement. This is one of the reason it is recommended that you buy university essays from academic writers who are ready to put their times researching current issues.

25 political economy Essay topic for great writing

Below is a list of the latest topic you can use in your political economic essay.

  • 1. Political economy and Tourism
  • 2. How does monetary fund promote country stability?
  • 3. Inflation targeting in an open economy
  • 4. What is the political effect of the global financial crisis?
  • 5. Indicators and impact of unemployment in the country?
  • 6. Ethics and political economy
  • 7. Financial issues caused by global warming
  • 8. The logic and the impact of ignorance and fiscal illusion
  • 9. A comparison of macro normative theories used to rank state of the world
  • 10. Effects of voter’s ignorance on public policies
  • 11. The political economy of media
  • 12. State capacity in progressing areas
  • 13. Specifics in a financial crisis
  • 14. Specifics in global imbalances
  • 15. Global capital flows
  • 14. Capital accumulation in the U.S
  • 15. Deficit issues
  • 16. Progressive issues in an economy
  • 17. Redefining poverty in a country
  • 18. What is shadow banking
  • 19. Determinants of Political-economic Policy
  • 20. The future of inframarginal analysis
  • 21. The sustainability of the capitalist economic system
  • 22. Alternative to democracy and liberal form of government
  • 23. Impact of terrorism on international oil prices
  • 24. Political economy perspective in sociology
  • 25. Specifics in the labor share crisis

These are just some of the few political economic topics you can choose from, but it is always important to relate them to your instructors’ requirement. He or she may require that you come up with a comparative essay or an argumentative topic. Whichever the case, make sure you understand the purpose of the essay. Buying university essays may be your best options if you are unsure of the topic, structure or do not understand the instructor’s requirements.

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