10 Tips for Political Science Students

The following are our ten tips that can make you excel in your studies.

1. Rea Everything Worth Reading

Politics affects every facet of human life especially the economy. Thus, read the historical chronology of major events. Trace origins of various ideologies. Read about philosophy (– social and political philosophy, ethics and logic). Expand your horizon with economics (micro and economics), public policy, international relations/developments materials. All these areas heavily influence political behaviors. Political students must grasp political behavior.

2. Learn the Associationist Principle

In politics, it is believed that every cause has an effect. The idea of the Scottish philosopher David Hume can serve a great deal here. In his criticism of cause and effect, he expounded a key principle operational in the political jigsaw. It is called the associationist principle. We associate events according to the sequence of occurrence and a few other related or unrelated occurrences. It is with this principle that we can figure out a flying horse. The principle would help you relate two events and determine the real causes of the events. Therefore, the associationist principle must be appreciated and understood by a political science student that desires to be the best.

3. Research about Ideologies of Eminent Personalities

Every political ideology has been built on the philosophy of one famous person or the other. These personalities are in themselves institutions worth learning. Reading about them would be an excellent tip for your success.

4. Develop Affinity with Great Political Personalities

Develop affinity with great political personalities by reading about them. Read their biographies and autobiographies. Research about their ideologies. This would give you a grasp of what they stood for or against. It would, in turn, give you a soft landing on any political idea that you may want to debunk, develop or the new one you may want to develop.

5. Read Political Magazines

There are political magazines as well as newspapers all around. Develop the habit of perusing through some of them. You may have to subscribe to some of them in order to have all their editions. You would really learn a lot about your discipline and how to become a star in your field in those materials.

6. Join Your Colleagues for Excursion

When your faculty members are going on an excursion to visit some places like museums, monuments linked to some excellent political history, and many other related places, you have to go with them. There are things you would learn from those places about political development that your professor may not teach you in class.

7. Explore Videos of Past Political Events

Make a habit of watching international political happenings on your televisions. You can download many such videos from YouTube. For example, there are 25 most important events in history which you could learn life-changing lessons from.

You can furthermore learn about the ten moments in history that made the world to stand still from this video

There are other related videos that would help your study. Explore them.

8. Take Adequate Notes in Class

There are many things that your professors may be saying in class that may not be found in any book. Therefore, it is important you develop the habit of diligently taking adequate notes in class. You can refer to those notes many years later.

9. Give Attention to Relevant Television Programs

There are many television programs that are politics focus. Others may focus on the economic development, international relations and many more. Where you can, participate in such programs and argue your point. Don’t be scared of holding a position different from others. Where you are not able to appear on the program you can call the studio during the live program and air your view.

10. Get Involved in Students Politics

Participate in student union government activities. Contest for an elective position. Start advocacy program with other students and ensure you study in a group. You could learn much from participation in these things.

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